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2017 Scholarship Application

The AVCA Memorial Conference Scholarship is an affordability scholarship opportunity.

The purpose of the scholarship is to help AVCA Certified Member Doctors without adequate funding to attend the annual conference and obtain the professional development that the AVCA Annual Conference provides.

This scholarship is made possible by individual contributions to honor AVCA doctors, individuals, and Sharon L. Willoughby Blake, DVM, DC, founder of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and modern day animal chiropractic.
An affordability scholarship will be awarded and will provide a Conference Registration to an AVCA Certified Member Doctor who faces financial limitations.
  • Scholarship is based on the financial need, membership status, certification status, contributions to the profession, and potential to give back to the profession.
  • Scholarship is awarded to cover only the basic conference registration fee.
  • Scholars are responsible for their travel, food, lodging and any costs associated with field trips, labs/workshops, the banquet, guest tickets, and merchandise.
  • Conference Scholarship is nonrenewable, non-transferable, and is good for the conference in the year applied.
  • Conference Scholarships are not awarded to the same person in two consecutive years
Eligibility Criteria
  • Must be an AVCA Professional Member in good standing for the current membership year in which the conference is held.
  • AVCA Certification must be current.
Application Requirements
  • Applications must be received no later than July 1st of conference year.
  • Notices will be mailed to scholarship applicants on or before August 15th.
  • Applicant who has been awarded a scholarship
    • must accept the scholarship in writing, and
    • must register for the conference by September 1st
  • Scholarship is nonrenewable, non-transferable, and is good for conference in year applied.
Lottery Selection Process
  • Upon receipt applications are reviewed for completeness. References are checked. Qualifying applications are assigned a numerical I.D. Selection for the Willoughby Blake Memorial Conference Scholarship is by a drawing of qualifying applicants.
  • Once selected recipient’s written acceptance and conference registration application have been received, the award amount will be transferred from the scholarship bank account to the AVCA bank account.
Important Application Information
  • Each application record requires a unique email.
  • Enter the email for the primary contact email for this Application below.
  • Required fields are denoted in blue throughout the form.